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Tucson Mold Removal Services

Tucson AZ Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation

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Tucson Mold Removal Services is the home of Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, and Mold Remediation. With ongoing support, you will be without a doubt pleased with the work from Tucson Mold AZ. Ensuring the health and safety or your home and business, we are proud to be able to supply you with the latest technology and expert Mold Specialists. If you have been afraid of the weird growth creeping down your shower or there is a gross smell coming from your carpet, you may have a mold infestation. It can be easily fixed with options to repair or replace damaged flooring, walling, or roofing.

About Us

We are a proud company of Customer Service superstars and Mold Specialists. Tucson Mold Removal Services will be there for you for your Mold Abatement, whether a small job in the kitchen or your whole office block, no job is too large or small for the team. We encourage all clients to ask us about the ongoing support you can receive as well as the many services we supply. From inspecting mold with state-of-the-art technology to removing mold with the best tools of the trade, Tucson Mold AZ is the only crew you’ll need to get the job done and we are confident you will be pleased with our work.

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    Our Services

    We offer multiple Services, from Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, and Mold Remediation. From Domestic to Commercial, we can do it all. Being able to offer the whole package allows us to keep the prices reasonable for our clients. We always show transparency by being upfront and honest about all things that may pop up. From damaged walling, flooring, and roofing to carpets and blinds. We can repair a lot, but sometimes things need to be disposed of to ensure your health and safety. With modern and safe cleaning practices we can consistently remove and remediate mold and allow you to breathe easily.

    mold & health issues
    Mold & Health

    Our number one priority is the health and safety of our clients and employees. Mold can be dangerous and deadly if not attended to. Often causing Allergic Reactions like skin rashes, watery eyes, an itchy nose, and even worsening things like Asthma and Dermatitis. Certain types of mold can cause also cause skin infections, leaving you sore and itchy. All this is avoidable with the right techniques and cleaning skills. A lot of the time you do not realize it is mold affecting your wellbeing.

    mold inspecting in progress
    Mold Inspecting

    During Mold Inspection we detect any mold that may be hiding, as well as its source. Usually, mold does not just start growing. There needs to be a moist, humid atmosphere for it to flourish. When we inspect, we are not just inspecting where the mold is but what caused it, and what can be done stop it from coming back. We also collect various mold samples to be able to identify what the best course of action is for Mold Remediation.

    “I had no idea that my Asthma was so bad because of the mold on the roof, since having the roof cleaned and repaired in my bedroom, I haven’t had to use my inhaler when I wake up. I’m so glad I had Tucson Mold Removal; I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten” – Jenny Holland

    mold testing near me
    ​Mold Testing

    Mold Testing is done when we need to know the state of the mold. Testing can often tell us how long it could have been there, what illness it could cause as well as what the best practice is moving forward. Also testing the quality of your air to prevent further mold from growing is truly important. Mold can be invisible, floating in the air in the form of Mold Spores. Without modern mold testing equipment and labs, you can usually have a difficult time getting to the bottom of what is causing and spreading it.

    mold removal & remediation
    Mold Removal & Remediation

    Mold Removal and Remediation is when we get into the heavy lifting, getting rid of all the nasty growth, throwing away things that can’t be repaired or cleaned, and getting as many stains out of the walls and carpet as we can. Decontamination is our highest priority, making sure to not cross-contaminate any other part of your house or business while completing Mold Removal and Remediation. Purifying the air and helping you with an ongoing plan to stop the mold from coming back.

    “The Office Workers kept complaining about a bad smell in the office kitchen, thinking they were pulling my leg, I didn’t worry about it. Until I noticed the dark patch on the carpet. With your help I’ve been able to keep the office staff happy and healthy without costing an arm and leg” – Geoff Knott

    commercial mold removal & remediation
    Commercial Mold
    Removal & Remediation

    Much like domestic mold removal, Commercial Mold Removal and remediation is just on a much larger scale. Tucson Mold Removal Services is happy to help your business get back up to standard with competitive prices and ongoing support. Mold can be invisible to the eye and cause irreparable damage to buildings and furniture. There is nothing worse than not knowing what that smell is. Contact us today to find out about our fuss-free commercial services.

    mold removal near me

    If you have a question and cannot contact us right now, we have a handy Frequently Asked Questions page to help you with any minor questions you may have about our services. If it is an emergency do not hesitate to contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions and give advice to the community. Here at Tucson Mold AZ, we strive on the Health and Safety of our clients, new or existing. We know mold can be confusing. We are always happy to help.

    “I left a window open in my holiday home and when I came back after 6 months, there was so much mold in the bathroom, without Tucson Mold Removal Services, I probably would have had to throw the whole house out. Thank you for fixing my Dad's rug!” – Kelly Smith

    Call Us Today

    Contact us today for any job, big or small. We have the finest customer service staff and are confident you will be pleased with a prompt answer. Need a quote? Easy. Our skilled Mold Specialist can be there in a flash to help break down what will be needed to get the job done and how much it can cost. Any questions are welcome at Tucson Mold Removal Services. We pride ourselves on being transparent with all our clients, when it comes to prices of Removal and Remediation, what can be done about damages, and what needs to be done to keep the mold from coming back.