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Mold Inspecting

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Mold inspection is the first step to finding out how far mold has travelled and how much damage it has caused. With things like infra-red technology our expert Mold Specialist can find mold contaminates, potential water damage and low ventilated areas. Humid and moist areas of the home and business like the bathroom and kitchen are hot spots for mold. Sometimes behind walls and under flooring we need modern equipment to find the problem areas. Mold can cause structural damage that sometimes is irreparable which is why at Tucson Mold Removal Services we are adept at using all the latest tools.

Thermal Inspection

Infrared and thermal inspection is an easy way of getting a picture of what the mold has done to the inside of your structure. Detecting things like moisture leaks, change in temperature and structural defects we can quickly identify where the mold is and what it is affecting. Thermal Inspection is like having an x-ray of the inside of your home or business giving you and our specialist a good view of variations in temperature, showing potential damage and mold contaminates. Thermal Inspection can also pick up things like electrical faults, giving you and our expert Mold Specialists access to accurately assess damage before it is out of hand.

Leak Detection

Leaks can start in all different places throughout the home or place of business. Our professionally trained Mold Specialist can quickly find the smallest of leaks to aid you in stopping the spread of dangerous mold. Whether you have older, damaged pipes or windows that just do not close properly, we can help with the right advice on how to fix it and stop mold from growing in those areas. Leaks can occur because of environmental conditions, things out of your control and usually they are hidden. Which is why Tucson Mold Removal Services strives to have the latest technology and knowledge on Leak Detection.


Ventilation is often the breeding ground for mold and fungus. Without proper Mold inspection, main areas can be missed because they are hidden and unseen. The right ventilation can stop mold in its tracks but when ventilation is infected, it can cause the most damage to your health and safety. Our Mold Specialists here at Tucson Mold AZ have the most up to date know-how on inspecting and removing the mold from air ducts and air conditioners. Often the things we use to move the air around our home and businesses are the same things moving around mold and nasty germs.

Clearance Inspection

After Mold Removal and Remediation, it is essential to reinspect the area to ensure that we have gotten all the mold and repaired all water damage and leaks. With our Clearance Inspection we can confidently show you that we have taken care of the job. Giving you a satisfaction guarantee that we make sure to remove all mold spores and get your home or business as healthy as it can be. Mold can be unfortunate, but it can be fixed quickly and efficiently, letting you breathe easy knowing from our final report that your home or business is clear and is back on track.

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