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Mold & Health

best treatment for black mold

Mold is a silent killer, often being hard to diagnose as the cause of death because of the amount of illnesses Mold Toxins can cause are often what leads to death. Many people with pollen type allergies will be affected by mold more readily than those without respiratory allergies. Mold can affect an Asthmatic severely often causing Asthma Attacks and sometimes leading to the emergency room. Without the proper techniques in Mold Removal and Mold Remediation it can lead to prolonged exposure to poisonous Fungi. Mold is a natural resource nature uses it to break down things like leaves and plant matter, we do not want that inside our house or place of work.


If you suffer from seasonal allergies or have allergies that affect your respiratory system, Mold Toxins can essentially worsen the effects of your allergies or even still be the cause of them. Inhaling mold daily has been linked to severe cases of respiratory illness in both the healthy and especially the vulnerable. Mold Spores can begin to grow in as little as 48-hours in the right atmosphere. If you have been having allergy issues and you also have mold in your bathroom, it is most likely not helping and may even be the cause. Inspecting the mold can often tell you if it is the type of mold that causes watery eyes, an itchy nose and a sore throat.


Tucson Mold Removal Services have been aiding asthmatics for years with an unbeatable reputation. Most people assume that mold is dirty and gross, but did you know it could be also causing you asthma to be worse as well? If you are finding your Asthma to be unmanageable you may have hidden mold inside your home. Mold Spores are invisible, and we often have mold around our bathrooms and kitchen, where we clean ourselves and eat. It is unavoidable in some cases and climates and Tucson Mold AZ will give you the ongoing support in any situation big or small.

Skin Irritation

Your skin is the biggest organ the human body has to offer and when it encounters Mold Toxins and Mycotoxins it can cause rashes, irritations and sometimes skin infections. Mold has been shown to worsen the effects of Dermatitis causing an allergic reaction to the skin. Tucson Mold Removal Services is adamant about protecting your health and the health of your family. If you have unexplainable allergic reactions and skin irritation it may be mold infesting you house or business in an area you cannot see. We are happy to do any Mold Inspection Services to ensure the safety of your health.


Mold is often undetected and can cause many illnesses that result in death. There are 200 identified types of Mycotoxin that live on the surface of mold, they can all affect you differently. That is why it is so important that we work with each client individually to ensure that our services match what you need. Without addressing mold correctly, it can quickly damager your health and it can be hard to pin down what is causing sickness. Maybe just your asthma is a little bit worse, maybe you keep having skin rashes. All these things put undue stress on your body and can lead to an early death. Get us at Tucson Mold AZ to Inspect, Remove and Remediate the mold in your home or business today.

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