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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

professional commercial mold removal & remediation

If your office or place of business has an onset of mold, we provide extensive inspections and removal work with certified professionals. All our Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation work at Tucson Mold Removal Services starts with assessing what each client needs, what caused the mold and what will be required to remove it. Often it is not as simple as just removing it but also repairs need to be made and an ongoing plan of what needs to be organized to avoid any further mold growth. After completion we can continually monitor your situation and we encourage all clients to contact us if there are any questions.

Controlling Bacteria

Starting with physical mold removal of all growth, the area needs to be well ventilated for the safety and containment of spreading Mold Spores and Mycotoxins. Removing all growth from flooring, walling and roofing. Mold can be removed from brickwork and concrete although some timber, carpeting and plaster may need to me removed before we can go ahead with deep cleaning and controlling bacteria. With the latest cleaning equipment, we can remove build up and stains while also leaving the area hygienic and safe. Tucson Mold provides deep cleaning and bacteria controlling methods unmatched in the community, concentrating on the health and safety of you and your business.

Wet Surface Drying

In addition to removal of damaged walling or carpeting, we will also wash and dry as much as possible. While also providing the correct ventilation, we endeavor to fix as much as we can by drying out any areas that may be saved. Most mold is the result of carpet not being dried properly or an increase in moistness in the atmosphere from a leaky faucet. Creating a perfect climate for mold spores to spread. Often roof leaks or poorly ventilated bathrooms can cause such a climate. It can cause health risks if not properly attended to which is why Tucson Mold Removal Services is adept at noticing the causes of dampness and drying it out immediately.


Walling, Roofing and Flooring can become quickly damaged when mold takes over. Not only that but furniture, carpeting, blinds and even clothing can be destroyed if not controlled quickly enough. We inspect all damage and inform you on what can be fixed and what needs to be replaced. Often, it looks worse than it is and with or expertise on safe mold cleaning practices we can remediate any situation that you throw at us. We are proud to offer restoration services at a competitive price for our clients, ensuring cleanliness for the health and safety of you and your family.

Ongoing Monitoring

Mold spores are unseen to the eye, monitoring after Mold Removal is vital to ensure your premise is free of any airborne Mold Spores. While we endeavor to get every Mold Spore the first time, sometimes ongoing control measures are required after mold remediation, especially in wet, humid areas. Ongoing advice is essential to learning new tricks of the trade and keeping your business up to date with the latest information on dehumidifiers, ventilation and cleaning habits. Keeping good habits with ongoing monitoring will ensure your business is clean and healthy, allowing you to get on with your work in confidence.

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